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About our retreat

Welcome to our unique Iboga retreat, a transformative event we organise twice a year, alongside Tembo and Julie, our skilled hypnotherapist and Bwiti healers. Our retreat offers an unmatched opportunity to embark on a profound journey into the depths of your subconscious.

Our retreat’s main objective is to create a sacred space that permits a deep exploration of your psyche, enabling you to confront past traumas and initiate a comprehensive emotional reset. Trauma is not what happened to you, is what happened inside you in the early childhood, when the absence of cognitive interpretation mechanisms led to deep emotional impact. During the Iboga ceremony, you’ll access all your memories, including the repressed and painful ones, and you will gain a fresh perspective on your experiences.

Unlike other psychedelic journeys with ayahuasca, mushrooms, or peyote, you are not merely an observer during your Iboga journey. You’ll confront the truth, understand past events with the wisdom of your adult mind, and you can alter the way you remember the past. 

By rewiring your brain, Iboga empowers you to take control of your life, making healthier and wiser decisions, stop victimhood, and prevent repetition of past mistakes. You’ll discover new healthy ways to fill voids or escape from pain, leading to personal growth. This uplifting and exhilarating journey holds the power to change your life forever. Embark on this transformation with us, and prepare for the journey of a lifetime.