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Trace your Origins, Uncover the Truth
Authentic Iboga Healing Retreat in Africa

Trace your Origins, Uncover the Truth

Reclaim Your Life
Deep Healing at Our African Iboga Retreat

Reclaim Your Life

Renew Your Spirit
Embark on Your Healing Journey with Iboga in Zanzibar

Renew Your Spirit

What Our Iboga Retreat Offers You

Zanzibar's Healing Retreat

Journey to Wholeness

Welcome to our unique retreat in breathtaking Zanzibar. We offer an exceptional blend of cultural immersion, modern psychotherapy, and a sacred ceremony with Iboga, a powerful African medicinal plant, for profound self-healing.

Explore local traditions, savor native foods, and engage with nature in this tropical paradise. Guided by experienced therapists, navigate your emotional landscape, fostering self-understanding.

The Iboga ceremony, conducted in a supportive environment, facilitates deep spiritual insight and transformative growth. Join us for an adventure where therapy, self-discovery, and the beauty of Zanzibar come together to offer an unforgettable healing journey.

Ciprian Iftime Owner Ananda Villa Zanzibar
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Ananda Villa Zanzibar

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+255 777 231 202

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12-20 September 2024

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An Iboga retreat is a guided spiritual journey utilizing the potent African plant medicine together with modern psychotherapy, to facilitate deep healing and self-discovery.

Facilitators are there to ensure your physical and psychological safety during the ceremony, guiding you through the process and helping to interpret and integrate your experiences.

Participation is typically open to individuals who are physically healthy and psychologically prepared for a deep introspective journey. However, individuals with certain medical conditions or mental health issues may be advised against participation.

The retreat involves a series of private psychotherapy sessions, ceremonies, sharing circles, and personal reflection time, all facilitated by experienced practitioners. The central experience is the Iboga ceremony, during which participants ingest the plant medicine under the careful supervision of the facilitators.

The benefits can be numerous and deeply personal. Participants often report increased self-awareness, resolution of past traumas, a sense of spiritual connection, and insights into personal issues. Some people find it helpful in breaking addictive patterns and behaviors. Remember, however, that everyone's experience is unique and outcomes can't be guaranteed.


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    Join our Iboga retreat for deep healing, cultural immersion, and transformative self-discovery. Your journey begins here.


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    Many participants in our Iboga retreat leave with profound and transformative experiences. Below, read some testimonials from our recent retreat attendees.


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