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An Iboga retreat is a guided spiritual journey utilizing the potent African plant medicine together with modern psychotherapy, to facilitate deep healing and self-discovery.

Facilitators are there to ensure your physical and psychological safety during the ceremony, guiding you through the process and helping to interpret and integrate your experiences.

Participation is typically open to individuals who are physically healthy and psychologically prepared for a deep introspective journey. However, individuals with certain medical conditions or mental health issues may be advised against participation.

The retreat involves a series of private psychotherapy sessions, ceremonies, sharing circles, and personal reflection time, all facilitated by experienced practitioners. The central experience is the Iboga ceremony, during which participants ingest the plant medicine under the careful supervision of the facilitators.

Based on our expertise, adequate preparation can lead to desired results from just a single ceremony. Given the intensive physical and mental demands of the experience, comprehensive readiness and a substantial regeneration period are essential. For severe addictions, we recommend two ceremonies.

The benefits can be numerous and deeply personal. Participants often report increased self-awareness, resolution of past traumas, a sense of spiritual connection, and insights into personal issues. Some people find it helpful in breaking addictive patterns and behaviors. Remember, however, that everyone's experience is unique and outcomes can't be guaranteed.

Iboga can have intense psychological effects and can also place a significant strain on the body, particularly the cardiovascular system. People with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or other serious health issues are typically advised against taking Iboga. It's also crucial to consider your mental health status, as people with certain psychiatric conditions might have adverse reactions. Always consult with an experienced practitioner or healthcare provider before deciding to participate in an Iboga ceremony or retreat.

Yes, there's a possibility of having a challenging experience, commonly referred to as a "bad trip." Iboga is a powerful psychoactive substance, and each person's reaction can vary widely. It's essential to be in a controlled, supportive environment and to be mentally prepared. Experienced facilitators at the retreat can guide you through these experiences, helping you process and integrate them constructively.

Yes, it's quite common to vomit during an Iboga ceremony, often referred to as "purging." This physical response can be part of the cleansing and healing process, and is typically viewed as a positive and necessary aspect of the experience.

In Tanzania, ibogaine is not found on the list of prohibited substances. It resides in a gray area that allows for its use in ceremonies and trials.

- Accommodation Ananda Villa 9 nights in double rooms
- All the meals and drinks (no alcohol)
- Round-trip airport-hotel transfers
- Private psychotherapy and integration sessions
- 2 Iboga Ceremony (Intention/Journey/Integration)
- 2 Facilitators (Shamans)
- 4 Assistants
- 3 Excursions: Sunset Michamvi, Cultural Tour and Spice Tour
- Relaxation massage

Generally, comfortable clothing, personal hygiene items, a journal for recording experiences, and an open mind. We will give you detailed information one month before the retreat. 

There is no “Iboga Diet” but the cleaner we eat, the less we need to detox during the ceremony and the medicine can work it’s full magic. One month before the retreat the participants will receive a detailed list with all the dietary requirements.

Sign up is based on a video interview. Following the interview, if there is compatibility, you can pay the advance deposit and secure your spot for the retreat. 

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If you cannot find answers to your question in our FAQ, you can
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